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Flute repair Clean, Oil, Adjust (C.O.A.)

This annual maintenance will ensure your instrument plays as well as you do! Turnaround time is usually 5 days.

C.O.A includes the following:

  • Complete disassembly of your flute including key mechanisms and headjoint
  • Replace clutch pins if required
  • Clean and replace cork/head joint stopper
  • Clean flute, remove tarnish, straighten and polish hinge rods
  • Lubricate and assemble
  • Perform adjustments to pads, felts, corks, and springs to ensure optimal playing condition
  • Replace up to 3 pads - any more will be treated as a re-pad
  • Play test flute
Schedule of Fees
Prices start from:

  • Entry level flute: $50
  • Entry level piccolo: $55
  • Student level flute: $80
  • Student level piccolo: $90
  • Intermediate or pre-professional flute (french and plateau): $100
  • Reskinning Straubinger flute pads: $45/ea
  • Handmade and professional flutes: $200
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**Note: Any and all excessive key fitting/dent work/tone hole leveling will be billed at $60/hr.**

The Balanced Scale reserves the right to refuse service due to nonavailability of parts associated with some entry level and student line instruments.
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